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CDR Presents Swap Don't Shop!

Attention, SRU students!

We are less than three weeks away from finals week and I know you are all ready to pack up your clothes and take that road trip back to your hometown (or whereever fun place you're going!) to start our long-awaited (and much deserved) summer break!! Why don't you get a head start and do some spring cleaning this weekend? Take a look in your closet and ask yourself "Will I ever wear that bright orange crop top that I bought for that neon party freshman year again?" If the answer is no, do we have a treat for you!! Your friends at CDR have just the place for you to take your gently-loved clothes!

Introducing, Swap Don't Shop!

You may have seen this flyer (below) floating around campus and/or social media accounts in the past few days, well I'm here to tell you a little more about Swap Don't Shop so you'll be ready for the coolest Earth Day event ever!

The Basics...

WHAT: Swap Don't Shop! (CDR's booth at the "Earth Day Carnival at the Quad")

WHEN: April 21st- (Tuesday) during common hour!

WHERE: The Quad

Parting Ways With Your Clothes...

1. You (our lovely readers) bring in your awesome, beautiful clothes that you're ready to part ways with.

2. You can bring us your clothes BEFORE Tuesday (email to arrange meet up plans)

3. If you bring your clothes the day of the event, you can start to bring them to our booth at the carnival at 11:30! Feel free to bring clothes up until 1:00!

Where the "Swap" Comes In...

1. For each piece of clothing you bring in, you will receive one swap ticket (one person can get up to 10 swap tickets, but you can still bring in more than 10 pieces of clothing!)

2. With that swap ticket, you will be able to "shop" the already donated clothes and take one piece of clothing home with you!

3. Bring in 10 pieces of clothing? Great! You can shop our stash and swap your 10 tickets for 10 brand new (at least to you!) pieces of clothing! It can't get much better than that!

Don't have any clothes to donate? Thats okay!

You can buy one swap ticket for $2, or buy 10 swap tickets for $8! 10 pieces of clothing for $8? Now that's a deal!!

Type of Clothes We Will Accept/Won't Accept for Donation...

Will Accept: Any type of clothing, any season!

Won't Accept: Accessories, shoes, etc. Clothing only. (Hopefully next semester, we can accept


Will Accept: Gently-used clothes, but in fairly good condition

Won't Accept: Clothes with major holes, stains, etc. (Nothing to ratty, please!)

Where will the clothes and money go?

1. The leftover donated clothes will be given to our local Goodwill store.

2. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Planet Aid, a non-profit that uses money and clothes donations to better the Earth and people in developing countries.

Did we mention we will have FREE STUFF at our booth?!

Come visit us and pick up sunglasses, candy, and other cool prizes! (First come, first served basis)

Come chat us up!

We would love to tell you more about College Dress Relief, Planet Aid/Goodwill, Earth Day, and how YOU can help better our planet through fashion!

So come bring your clothes, shop other clothes, and hang out with us during common hour! Team CDR is excited to see you!!!


Team CDR

Still have questions? Feel free to email ( or tweet us at @CDRelief!

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