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Last Minute Costume Emergency: DIY Edition

Halloween is only a few days away, and if you’re like me, you’ve waited until the very last minute to decide what you want to dress up as. Now the stores are picked over – except for a few vampire teeth – and all that’s left is your mother’s witch costume from the eighties.

You have better things to stress about, so CDR has some simple do-it-yourself ideas that a college student could easily pull off in a few days – or hours!

Basic cowgirl

If you go to Slippery Rock, chances are you already have the attire stored in your closet for the Hunter Hayes concert, so why not make use of it twice…?

Gumball machine

As long as you don’t mind working with a hot glue gun, find an old red dress and purchase a bag of multicolored pom-poms at a craft store. The only other items you’ll need are aluminum foil and a black permanent marker.

An M&M

Sticking with the candy theme, wear one color from head to toe and paint a white on your chest or stomach. This works for almost any type of candy – Crunch bar, Hershey bar, Starbursts, etc. Super cute, super sweet and super easy.


Another simple option that also works for a couple or groups of friends is a robber. Search your closet for all black and white, a beanie hat, black gloves and tennis shoes (Converse is always a great choice). Take it from your own SGA president, Logan Steigerwalt, and SGA

commuter senator, Abby Fugh.

Cereal box

If you’ve got a large box lying around from that mini-fridge you bought this year, cut out the top and bottom and print out a large photo of your favorite cereal. Paint the box the color to match, paste on the photo and grab a spoon. This idea works with tons of things that come in a box or are a rectangular shape – like an iPod.

Ty Beanie Baby

​Do you have an animal costume you want to revamp? Add some accessories and create a red Ty heart from cardboard.

Ice cream cone

This is one of the most adorable costume ideas I have heard of, yet. Pair brown pants or a brown skirt with a white tank. Cover the tank in different colored felt cut to the shape of sprinkles. Add a red pom-pom to the top of a headband and you’re set.

Sexy vampire

My personal DIY favorite, because I have done it before!

Feel free to copy – just grab some black apparel, a cape

from the nearest drug store and red lipstick.


​Looking for some DIY ideas for two? Check out this article from Seventeen:

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