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SSLOTW ft. Sophia and Asia

Sophia (left): Freshman Recreational Therapy major

Aisa (right): Freshman Anthropology major

Sophia’s whole outfit is from H&M from her top, skirt and socks.

Asia’s top is from Goodwill and she also found these H&M pants from there.

Sophia and Asia both agree that their styles are always up for some change.

For instance, Sophia’s style depends on her moods and how she feels that day.

Asia said she stays pretty basic and adds a couple of pieces that stand out. She likes to keep things pretty simple but to just have something that’s different thrown in there.

“I don’t like to try,” Asia laughs while saying, “I’m not a big color person and I kind of just stick to neutrals but like to add a pop of something.” Such as the top she’s wearing here she points out.

When it comes to style inspiration, both Asia and Sophia agreed that the weather and what they’re doing that day are influencing factors.

Most of the time in school they don’t dress how they want because they are just going to class and both said, “they just don’t feel like it.”

But if they’re going out or going somewhere off campus, they are inspired by their mood, the weather and what they’ve seen that day. Such as things they’ve seen online scrolling on Instagram or Tumblr, where they might see a color combo, outfit or idea that inspires them to say to themselves, “I want to try that,” but in their own way.

Style Advice:

"I would just say, don’t be afraid to go outside the box or try something different. If you see something and you're like, 'oh, well I don’t see many people wearing that...' Who cares, be the one to start it."


"Kind of the same thing… I’m just like go with what you feel. If you feel something, don’t be afraid to try it." -Sophia

Asia expressed, "these are pieces that we really like, we took our time to put them together to look nice. And you just feel so much better than if you hurry up throw on a pair of pants and a shirt."

This is everything CDR is about, relieving the stress of school by taking the time to express ourselves individually through what we wear, and celebrating that in between all the tiredness and busyness of classes.

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