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Introducing Be University

The art of individuality. It's the single most defining concept of fashion, a universal truth brought to life through the eyes of designers. Their vision becomes our reality, the only difference is how we take it and make it our own. If you walk through the quad here at Slippery Rock, you will see students everywhere expressing themselves through their own personal styles. At College Dress Relief, we call this the art of being yourself, a.k.a the art of being YOU. You know, kind of like how Kanye just does Kanye.

This semester we are kicking things off by appreciating the art of individuality. Our Be University (BeU) campaign is where university individuals come together to wear who they are and what they stand for. Using the hashtag #BeU, we hope to bring university individuals together by sharing posts about what their personal style says about them. Do you mix comfort with personal style? Do you keeping up with trends and making them your own? We want to know what inspires you, what makes you go, YAAAS.

By doing this, we hope to bring the university community together in a way it never has before. That's the beauty of fashion. Whether you realize it or not, it brings people together, and unites them in a unique way. We want you to do you, and share it with us.

Follow us on social media and share your style story using the hashtag #BeU. We'll share the love and post it as part of our Be University series.

New semester, new you. Let's see where your style can take us.

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