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Four Weeks, Four Cities, Four Shows

There are four things that truly make September an interesting month for the fashion-lover in all of us. Firstly, we put the good in goodbye to white pants after our Labor Day cookouts. Then we shed a solitary tear as we put away shorts and tank tops as the last day of summer puts an official end to the fun-in-the-sun season. Thirdly, we can’t help but smile as we start pulling our favorite sweaters and boots from the dark depths of our closets. And lastly, we are reassured that spring will come back to us with designers around the world showing their collections for sunnier days.

First up is New York and the highlight- for me at least- was Christian Siriano’s Capri-inspired collection. While his intricately beaded mini-dress and flounced-sleeves were captivating, it was the models he cast that truly stole the show. Siriano chose models that are representative of his client base, choosing women of all sizes and colors. This decision is one his former Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn would be proud of, having recently voiced his disappointment in the industry’s attitude towards plus-sized women. I’m certainly glad to see a younger designer tackle this issue, not only on the runway, but in his day-to-day life, dressing women at any size and partnering with Lane Bryant. For Siriano, fashion is for everyone woman.

Hop on a plane at JFK and we’re off to London for Topshop Unique. Ladies- and men, if you’re into it- spring never looked so cool as its going to when this collection hits retailers, which, some of the pieces already have with the increasingly popular runway-to-retail trend. And while the 80s & 90s inspiration comes before most of our times’, the collection’s vibe is certainly nostalgic. I can best describe it as Pretty in Pink collides with The Last Days of Disco. Leave it to London to produce such bad-a**, yet feminine clothes.

South of London in Milan, Dolce & Gabbana entertained fashion-lovers and their appetites. The Italian duo once again showed their love of all things Italy with their spring collection full of embellishment, nods to Christianity, skirts and dresses reminiscent of the sea and pasta? Yes. Several pieces in the collection are covered in a pasta print, some in fish, and others in what one can only imagine is a delicious cone of gelato.

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