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JMK Fashion Show

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Allison Downs

I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to attend the LUXE Fall Fashion Show hosted by JMK Boutique on October 13. I put on my highest heeled booties, favorite JMK top, and headed into downtown Grove City to the fashion show. This was my first fashion show – and it absolutely lived up to my expectations: beautiful crowd, party-like ambiance, gorgeous models, and stunning, practical clothing (nothing extreme like what we might see at NYFW).

Because my mother works for the owners of the pharmacy and boutique, she helped with ticket sales at the door, so we were there early enough to experience some of what happens behind-the-scenes before a fashion show. The energy was calm and relaxed; the models rehearsed, the musicians (a violinist, a pianist, and a drummer) practiced, the hors d'oeuvres and drinks were placed on a row of tables, and the pop-up shop was opened at the back of the venue.

I was extremely grateful to receive a ticket from my mother, who works for the owners of the pharmacy (Rx Xpress in Grove City) where the boutique is located. I was seated in the front row, so I was up-close and personal with the styles and trends! My personal favorite styles were the black embroidered top with ruffled sleeves, the faux fur vest paired with the denim shirt, and the “Wonder Woman” print sweatshirt.

After the fashion show, I had the opportunity to talk over the phone with Mary Grisnik-Kaup, the founder of JMK Boutique, and ask her a few questions about the boutique. JMK Boutique was founded five years ago, and has been fairly successful since then. Grisnik-Kaup was motivated to open her own boutique because Grove City is a small town with very limited options for shopping trendy and affordable clothing. Her inspiration struck while visiting a friend in Atlanta, who mentioned that she shops at a pharmacy boutique; thus, JMK is located in Rx Xpress, a local pharmacy owned by her parents Pam and Paul Grisnik.

Though the boutique has been successful since its founding, Grisnik-Kaup has encountered struggles. The process of buying fashions for the boutique and keeping up with the latest trends is oftentimes difficult, but Saria Dorsey, the manager of the boutique, has been of great help in dealing with these struggles. Grisnik-Kaup admits that, if she had the chance to go back in time and do anything differently, she would have purchased her own storefront exclusively for JMK – if she had the funds – and hire someone to manage it for her, as she is a full-time pharmacist. Grisnik-Kaup emphasized that every day since opening JMK has been a learning experience, and she is continually bettering the boutique.

I highly recommend shopping at JMK Boutique! The selection of up-and-coming fashion trends is vast, and it’s fairly affordable. JMK Boutique is located in Rx Xpress at 111 Mill Street, Grove City, PA.

Allison Downs

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