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A Cruelty-Free Daily Makeup Routine

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Erica Howard

Putting on makeup is a daily routine for most girls and something for a special occasion for others. I, myself, will put makeup on some days but not every day. I'm also an enormous animal lover. So, using makeup that doesn't test their products on animals is important to me. Products that don't test on animals are just as good as those that do. In reality, there is no reason to test on animals. Specifically, I use the brand e.l.f., which can be found in the SRU bookstore and is pretty cheap. So, here I will show my makeup routine using only e.l.f products and the specific products I use:

1. Flawless Foundation: Natural (Formally Porcelain)

I'm a tan shade of white so I need a tinted foundation and this one matches perfectly to my skin tone. *Tip: Use neck or chin to test out foundations*

2. Perfect Blend Concealer: Light Beige

I am a suffer of under eye bags, so I use a concealer for mostly for under my eyes. But, I also suffer from acne scars and I use it to cover those as well. *Tip: Use a concealer that is a little darker than your foundation. I have seen that it helps cover my bags and acne scars easily*

3. Baked Eyeshadow Palette: California

My eyes are blue and golds and browns help make blue eyes stand out a little more. First, I use one of the pale golds as a base for my eyes. Then I blend a light gold into my eyelids. Finally, I use the dark gold or one of the browns for the upper crease of my eyelid and under my eyebrows.

4. Volume Pumping Mascara: Black

Then move onto my eyelashes. Do the top lashes then work on those bottom lashes. I find it better to use the hand of which eyelashes I'm working on, i.e. use right hand on my right lashes and left hand for my left lashes. I'm less likely to get mascara on my skin that way. *Tip: For those with glasses, use mascara lightly. Glasses already magnify lashes w/o mascara. Also, no one like that feeling of the lashes touching the lenses.*

5. Day to Night Lipstick Duo: The Best Berries

This lipstick duo is great to carry around. I have use both sides in a single day. Wear the day side for when at school or work then put on the night side for a date or party. It's cheaper than buying a light lipstick and a darker lipstick separately.

6. Prime & Stay Finishing Powder: Translucent

To finish it all off, I use the finishing powder to set everything and give my face less of a shine. It looks more natural.

*Tip: Use a tissue and the finishing powder to help your lipstick more stay-proof. Place the tissue, lightly, on your lips then brush some of the powder on the tissue. Some of the powder will then transfer to the lipstick and help it stay on throughout the day or night*

Erica Howard

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