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Winter Fashion Staple Pieces

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Jenna Blair

As winter approaches, I thought it would be fun to share my winter fashion staple pieces with you all. Each piece featured is a must-have in my cold weather fashion collection. I wear these pieces constantly to help keep me warm throughout the frigid and snowy months.

My first staple piece is this semi cropped, creme turtleneck sweater from American Eagle. It hits right at your bellybutton and has speckles of grey and black threaded throughout it. I hated turtlenecks when I was younger, however as I have gotten older I have come to find them chic. It is a thick material, so it will definitely keep you warm. I think pairing this sweater with high-waisted jeans or black leggings would make for a cute and cozy outfit.

The second article of clothing I chose to include is a green scarf with a plaid print that I bought at Target last winter. Scarves are one of my favorite accessories. I love this one because it can be worn so many different ways! I think they are great layering pieces that can really tie a look together. You can jazz up a plain long sleeve tee or sweater by adding this scarf to your outfit. You could also layer it over top of your winter coat if you wanted to bundle up even more.

My next piece is the black puffer vest. I have seen tons of girls wearing these vests around campus, so obviously I had to include it. These vests are super trendy right now and can be found at Old Navy, Macy’s, American Eagle, and the North Face. They come in various colors, but I chose black because I think it is classic and it goes with everything. This puffer vest is sure to keep you toasty this winter.

The last item featured are these brown, Sperry duck boots. I got these boots for Christmas last year and they have easily become my favorite winter shoes. I love these more than I love my Ugg boots and that is saying a lot! They are meant for in climate weather, so they do not get ruined by rain or snow. For an extra touch of cuteness, I layer boot cut or fuzzy socks over my jeans or leggings, so the socks peek out over the top of the shoe.

Jenna Blair

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