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Fall Thrifting Hacks

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Mackenzie Huggins

What could be better than a new outfit for fall? The answer is a new fall outfit that you got a GREAT deal on. With these five easy and simple hacks, you can score a new fall outfit for a low price at the thrift store.

Fun Patterns

Fall is all about switching from your bright and fun summery colors to your warm-tone cozy clothes. Just because you're transitioning to your warmer clothing doesn’t mean you need to ditch the fun patterns. Look for florals, flannels, stripes, and polka dots while thrifting and try to incorporate them into your new fall look.

Discount Days

Shopping at the thrift store just got 10 times better. Below are discount days from Goodwill and Salvation Army, where you can find cheap clothes for even cheaper (on certain days). If you’re a student, senior, or in the military you’re in luck, there’s a deal for you! If not, that's okay - those aren't the only discounts.


- 30% & 50% off every day on select items

- 15% off for military members on Tuesdays

- 15% off for seniors on Wednesdays

Salvation Army

- 50% off the colored tag of the week

- 25% off for Military, students, & seniors every day

- 5 items for $5 every Friday & Saturday


What are some of the most important pieces of your outfit? The accessories, of course! Although, sometimes they can get a bit pricey. Shop at your local thrift stores to find scarves, purses, belts, glasses, and jewelry. You’ll be surprised with how much you can find for such a low price!

Repurpose Items

We’ve all been there - we find a cute pair of jeans or pants, but they aren’t our size. Well, that’s not a problem now! Use those items and repurpose them. Find a sweater that just isn’t the right fit for you? Turn it into a cropped sweater with a pair of scissors. Want to change up a pair of jeans? Distress them yourself! The options are endless!

Stick to these thrifting tips to help make your fall outfit shopping a breeze. Happy fall, and happy thrifting!


Photo Credit

Mackenzie Huggins @Mackenzie_Hugs

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