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CDR Takes On NYC

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Hope Hoehler

When you hear the word “fashion” what is the first place that you think of? Maybe it’s Paris or Milan - but think within the United States. Did you think New York? College Dress Relief did, and we acted on that thought. The e-board, along with CDR adviser Dr. Quinn, went to New York to visit three PR firms and businesses.

The three places that we visited were Rebel Gail, Rent the Runway, and Krupp Group. Rebel Gail is a communication and PR agency that “built their careers in the health and beauty industries driving the communications campaigns for many of the world’s biggest makers of pharmaceutical, personal care, beauty, and lifestyle products.” Rebel Gail was my favorite out of the locations that we visited. I liked the close-knit feeling of the office and the way that the agency was in full leadership of the PR campaigns that they led. If you are interested in learning more about Rebel Gail, follow them on Twitter and Instagram @rebelgailcomm.

The second location that we visited was Rent the Runway. Rent the Runway is an online service that provides designer clothing and accessories for people to rent. One of Rent the Runway’s main goals is sustainability, which is also a big part of College Dress Relief! Every time you rent clothes instead of owning them, you are saving water, electricity, and emissions used to manufacture new pieces of clothing. At the end of the season, Rent the Runway “extends the life cycles of [their] garments through [their] Sample Sales and donations to organizations like Operation Prom.” Did you know that the average women throws away 82 pounds of clothing per year? This is where sustainability comes in. Found on Rent the Runway’s website is a quiz that you can take in order to determine the environmental impact of your clothes and what you can do about it. If you want to learn more about Rent the Runway, follow them on Twitter and Instagram @renttherunway.

The final location that we visited was Krupp Group. Krupp Group is a “full-service boutique agency serving global clients in New York City and Los Angeles.” The organization offers a variety of communication services, including influencer marketing, public relations, VIP and celebrity dressing, digital strategy, events, and more. If you want to learn more about Krupp Group, you can follow them on Instagram @kruppgroup.

The first night that we arrived in New York, we went to go see a Broadway show, Waitress. Seeing a Broadway show was something that I wrote on my bucket list when I was a child and honestly never thought that I would be able to cross off. However, Waitress exceeded my expectations with the amazing cast, music, and set and costume design. I am forever thankful to Dr Quinn and the communications department for making one of my childhood dreams come true!

The very last night that we were in New York, we had dinner with alumni of SRU who are now in communication related jobs around the city. Meeting with these alumni was extremely productive as all e-board members got the opportunity to ask them questions. Throughout the meal, I was provided with extremely insightful and useful information - from how to get started in a New York from the best and worst parts of certain jobs. I would also like to thank Dr. Quinn for organizing this amazing opportunity to meet with such wonderful alumni!


Photo Credit

Hope Hoehler (@hope_marie22)

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