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Three Fab Valentine's Outfits

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Libby Sankey

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know its cheesy, but Valentine’s Day has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays! Heart shaped food & sweets, a girly color scheme, and a day to tell your favorite people (friends, family, and significant others) how much you appreciate them, now think about it… What’s not to LOVE?

In honor of Cupid’s favorite day, I put together three different looks!

Outfit #1

This look is perfect for a lowkey night in watching chick flicks and eating tons of candy. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing thanks to this cold Slippery Rock weather! It’s comfortable, classic, and has the perfect amount of color. I paired a white slouchy blouse from Boscov’s with a pair of sweater leggings from American Eagle. Aerie pieces in this outfit include a lacy red bralette and white sweater socks. And the cherry on top? A red Scunci scrunchie!

Outfit #2

This second outfit has to be my favorite. It definitely has some vintage vibes, and I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a wordy graphic tee. The look is great for casual Valentine’s Day plans, like a coffee date, the movie theater, or even just going to class. I paired this flirty red tee from Forever 21 with my favorite ripped mom jeans from American Eagle. To create some drama, I included white cat eye sunglasses from Target. Just add a pair of Converse, and you’re good to go!

Outfit #3

This last look was a fun one for me to put together because I LOVE blush pink. However, I don’t usually have highkey plans for Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter). If I did, this look would work perfect for a special occasion or a night out! I started the look off with a pink slip dress with a bit of black lace along the neckline (yes it is actually from Walmart). To a enhance the black accents, I incorporated a skinny black waist belt (Madden Girl) and black velvet booties with a little heel (Macy’s). I saved my favorite handbag from Kate Spade for last. It matches the slip perfectly and brightens up the whole outfit with some sparkle.

Now you have three different outfit inspirations, regardless of your holiday plans. Have an amazing Valentine’s Day from College Dress Relief!


Photo Credit

Libby Sankey (@libsank)

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