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Morning Routines

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Fiona McKenzie

In order to have a productive morning routine, I always prepare coffee and breakfast beforehand, as well as an outfit for work. After getting out of bed, I will grab a cup of coffee and a smoothie or bowl of cereal if I have time. Then, I head to work. I work from 7 A.M to 9 A.M and then I go to the gym right afterwards. This makes me feel really energized and ready for the day. I don’t LOVE working out, but I never regret it. I always feel relaxed leaving the gym. After the gym I head to my car and head to class.

Being a college student, you’re always running from place to place with hardly any time to take a breath. A solid morning routine can definitely make your day feel more at ease. I get stressed out a lot and I feel more relaxed if I head to class having had a productive morning routine, versus waking up and running out the door late with a cup of old coffee and the shirt I slept in.

If you’re looking for a morning routine, try to do as much as you can the night before like making coffee, setting out an outfit, etc., to make your day easier. Try to do some form of exercise - go for a walk, do a yoga class or go to the gym, anything that can help you catch your breath and prepare for the day. It’s important to make sure we look out for ourselves and implement small things to make our lives easier!


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Fiona McKenzie

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