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Favorite Outfit Formula

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Alexandra Baddour

I spent all of grade school and high school wearing a uniform, so it wasn’t until college that I actually had to put any thought into what I wore every day. I was a jeans-and-graphic-tee kind of person for awhile, but I realized that if I wanted to look more put together I had to put more thought and effort into what I wore.

I ended up with a go-to outfit “formula.” Shirt + pants + sweater + shoes + accessories.

It seems silly, written out, but with a bit of thought it works out really well! I know that most of my closet is either neutral or blue, which helps my color scheme work out and makes things easier on me. I can dress it up or down, depending on what shirt and shoes I pick, or really dress it up by wearing my dress pants and a cardigan or blazer.

The accessories really make the outfit - I usually wear a belt, a watch, and a necklace, but sometimes I’ll wear a hat or some other jewelry.

How you wear your clothes matters too. Jeans look better cuffed than they do crumpled around the ankles. Tucking your shirt in can make your legs look longer, and helps balance out the oversized sweaters I’m so fond of.

I’m still not quite used to having to think about what I’m going to wear, but having a “formula” and a few go-to outfits makes everything easier!


Photo Credit

Alexandra Baddour (@alexbaddour)

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