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3 Jeans to Invest In

By Leah Hawthorne

Being 5’2, I continue to struggle to find THE jeans. Those jeans that make girls look so effortless, yet so stylish. With so many sizes, brands and styles, it’s hard to go through the whole process without getting frustrated. Most recently, I have found a love for jeans that are loose around the hips, tight in the thighs and loose around the ankles. I was able to break down my favorite pairs of jeans and list them below:


Levi's, 2024

Levi’s has the best collection of jeans, from baggy to skinny. If you’re looking for the perfect everyday jeans and want them to be comfortable, invest in a pair of Levi’s. They seem to be on the more expensive side, but it’s worth the cost. Personally, I’ve loved the Levi 501 because they’re oversized but fit well around my waist. Ordering jeans online can take a couple of days so be sure to plan ahead if you have a special event that you want them for. 


2. Abercrombie

Abercrombie, 2024

Abercrombie is beyond popular right now for its incredible rebranding. Abercrombie’s newest jean type, the Curve Love, is the most appealing. The brand’s latest jeans are soft and fitted, with the perfect amount of breathing room for your stomach. They snatch your waist to give you the perfect hourglass shape. 


3. Zara 

Zara, 2024

Zara’s jeans have the most variety in terms of style and color. Zara has baggy pink jeans, blue cargo jeans and tight blue classic jeans. The variants of jeans help make it easy to pick from. The way many Zara jeans fit is personalized to your individual body. The jeans are designed with quality fabrics to help enhance comfort. I could wear my Zara jeans out with my friends or simply around the house, they’re that comfortable.


Finding jeans isn’t an easy process and can often stress me out or make me feel insecure about my body. It’s comforting to know that there are people who relate and find jean shopping stressful. Hopefully, these 3 jeans brands will help you find an option that works for you.

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