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DIY Valentine's Day Cards

I absolutely adore making cards from scratch and I think it’s a simple way to show you truly care about someone. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been preparing myself with ideas for Valentine’s I can make for my loved ones and I wanted to share some tips and tricks I have learned!

First step is to start on Pinterest. You can always do a generic “Be My Valentine” card, but I tend to do the cheesy pun cards. Either way, you’ll be able to find plenty of ideas on Pinterest. Chances are you’re making the card for someone you know well enough to know at least one of their interests, and Pinterest is swimming in ideas and puns that are perfect for Valentine's Day. Sometimes it can take some digging and some brainstorming of your own, but when you find the right Valentine, you’ll know it.

Next you should gather up all your supplies! The Dollar Store for sure is the place to go for all your crafting needs. I’d recommend construction paper, glue, markers or colored pencils, and I always like to have a Sharpie on hand. Sometimes you might need a little help finding out shapes and things, but you can always just fold a piece of paper and do it that way. Last year, I had some extra red hearts laying around, so I made it with that and it’s my best Valentine I have ever made.

Then really just let yourself create! Combine your ideas and put it onto a card, you can always sketch it out before you do it (that’s what I like to do!). Then I make it my own. I never find harm in borrowing other ideas, because what you make is your own and what you write inside of your Valentine are your own words.

Written By: Drew Confer

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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