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Jack-O'-Lantern Makeup Look

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Brooke Henderson

Halloween is almost here and I can barely contain my excitement! To honor the month of October and the mythological legend of Stingy Jack, I have created this Jack-O'-Lantern inspired makeup look.

Every Halloween, I look forward to creating new makeup looks with special effects. This year, I decided to turn myself into half Jack/half girl! This makeup look took about two hours to complete and I am extremely happy with the turnout. This is a look that anyone can re-create with a little time and the right makeup products.

For this look, I drew out the areas in white eye pencil as to where I wanted the eye, nose, and mouth to go. Then, I filled in all of those areas with black face paint from Party City. Once the paint dried, I took Urban Decay's blackout eyeshadow and dabbed it all over the black paint to darken it.

Then, I filled the surrounding areas in with white face paint from Party City. After this dried, I dabbed orange eyeshadow from the Morphe 35O palette all over the white. I outlined the mask in black eyeliner and then drew brown lines down my face using a brown eyeliner stick. To create dimension, I dabbed yellow eyeshadow in between the lines to brighten the look. To top it off, I added glitter using the Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art glitter pen. For the other eye, I used the same Morphe palette for eyeshadow and used the Ardell Double Wispies lashes.

This is one of my favorite Halloween looks and I plan to use it again one day. If you are interested in recreating this look, here are the essential products that I used:

  • Black Face Paint (Party City)

  • White Face Paint OR Orange Face Paint (Party City)

  • Black Liquid Eyeliner

  • Brown Eye Pencil

  • Orange, Yellow, Black, Brown, and White Eyeshadow colors

  • Ardell Double Wispie lashes

  • Square/flat shaped makeup brush for face paint

  • Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art Glitter Pen (Gold)

I hope you enjoy this look and I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Brooke Henderson

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