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My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Items

1. Essence Mascara

This mascara adds length and volume to my lashes for only $5! I really like the applicator and I am able to cover all my lashes quick and easy. I go through a lot of mascara so finding a cheap option that actually works is perfect for me.

2. Ouai Wave Spray

This spray adds texture to my hair without making it feel hard and/or sticky. I love to wear my hair in waves and this product adds a beachy feel and ensures my waves last. As an added bonus the scent is amazing.

3. E.L.F. Poreless Putty Primer

This is by far my favorite primer I have ever used. It moisturizes my skin without making me look oily/greasy. The product is very affordable and truly makes my makeup last all day.

4. Glossier Lip Gloss

This lip gloss has an incredible shine and is my go-to for when I take pictures. I will say, the texture is not my favorite as it is very sticky. However, this is not a daily item I use, so the texture is ok while only wearing the gloss for a few hours for a special occasion.

5. Essence Brow Gel

I love this affordable clear brow gel to create a more put-together look when I don’t wear makeup. This holds my brows in place all day and I sometimes also put them on my lashes to feel more confident when I’m not wearing makeup.

Written By: Maddy Buckley

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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