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Pioneering Sustainable Beauty - Dove Refillable Deodorant Review

After hearing about this product on TikTok, I picked it up on my next Target trip. As an initial purchase, you buy the starter kit with the case and one refill. When you open the box, it comes in three parts that are really easy to assemble: the base, the cap, and the actual block of deodorant. The Target I went to only had the scents Coconut & Pink Jasmine and Cucumber & Green Tea available, but Dove also provides a Sensitive option. I opted for the Coconut & Pink Jasmine and it smells amazing! Overall, there is no big difference between this deodorant stick and a traditional one. The only major change would be that the deodorant itself doesn’t twist up or down, so you have to be a bit more gentle with it. The case itself has a weight to it and comes with the promise that you can “’buy once, fill for life’”. The starter kit retails for $15, and the refills come in packs of two for $10.

While this product is a great step in the right direction, I would by no means say it’s perfect. One thing to keep in mind is that the lid doesn’t stay on very well. It takes way too little effort to get the lid off, so I would worry about throwing it in a gym bag or traveling with it. Another thing I would like to see adopted is more refill options. I think adding more scents and an anti-perspirant formula would increase the product’s appeal a lot. Adding different case color options might also be a fun way to get it noticed by more consumers.

Although, sustainable deodorant is by no means a new idea, it is reassuring that big brands like Dove, and their parent company Unilever, are beginning to take steps towards insuring the healthy future of our planet. I hope that the success of this product will encourage other brands to come out with similar things and see the demand for more eco-friendly products. So, thank you Dove for doing your part and creating a deodorant that doesn’t stink (pun intended).

Written By: Megan Nassif

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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