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Sofia's "Slip" Back Look

By Jenna Lubinski

In the course of a college girl’s lifetime, there are multiple social media influencers, that not only inspire her confidence but also inspire her to make necessary changes to her wardrobe.

This past summer, you were either the type of girl on the Alix Earle wave or the Sofia Richie Grainge wave. Both of whom immensely shaped the style of summer 2023 and gave girls that extra push to venture off and try new looks that give off that “I look good” vibe every time they look back in the mirror.

Personally, I was a Sofia Riche Grainge girl. Ever since her lavish wedding to her old money, music CEO hubby Elliot Grainge, she has taken the fashion world by storm and made herself the “It” girl in less than a day. There is something about her quiet luxury aesthetic that is so powerful yet so minimalistic.

All summer long, as I was in Europe, I tried to mimic her style, to look like I had my act together. Even though I was completely lost, I still got some cute photos. This blog is going to give you some style tips to elevate your wardrobe in order to become your own Sofia Richie Grainge as you walk around Slippery Rock’s campus… because we all need to feel good somehow.

Bottoms and Tops

The first step in order to achieve a “Sofia Richie Grainge” look is to perfect the bottoms. While looking at Sofia Richie Grainge’s Instagram, her looks are very chic: professional at the bottom, while the top is more casual.

For bottoms, she tends to either lean toward more jeans or business pant suits/slacks. The jean style she tends to lean toward is either a white-washed or light blue ‘80s mom jean that meets past the ankle. They are normally high-waisted to achieve that snatched waist look and are tight, but not the tightest so when one moves, the jeans move with.

Instagram, @sofiarichiegrainge, 2022

For business pants or slacks, she goes for a tailored look, with either a straight or flared pant. She normally sticks with staple colors which are black, navy blue, tan, or cream. When it comes to tops, she is known for wearing just a plain white tee or a solid-color top that matches and coordinates with her pants.

She always tucks tops into her pants to get that clean girl look. She always throws either a sleek blazer, leather jacket or trench coat over her look to tie it together, which is perfect for the upcoming fall weather.

Instagram, @sofiarichiegrainge, 2023

Accessories and More

For accessories, because one cannot have enough of those, Sofia Richie Grainge tends to aim for bolder, chunky statement jewelry. This includes gold or silver drop earrings along with chunky gold rings that always seem to look elegant against her French manicure.

She also always carries a shoulder bag, and her shoes are either pumps, small mules, or for a casual look, a simple tennis shoe like the Adidas Samba.

Of course, I couldn’t figure out her signature hairstyle, which is always that slip (slick but like Slippery Rock, Ha-ha) back pony or bun that she always does with hair gel and mousse. This hairstyle provides a sophisticated look on anyone and really accentuates the face.


In all, I think what is so beautiful about her style is that the key to making it look good is simplicity. I think that in the fashion and style world, society always tends to indulge more in elaborate pieces.

However, all you need is the confidence to make any outfit look good, because confidence is the best thing anyone can wear.

More Examples

If anyone wants to find pieces that are similar to Sofia Richie Grainge’s, there is an influencer on TikTok named Mikayla Vallati. She has a top-notch Amazon storefront, where you can find all the perfect pieces to create the perfect Sofia look. Check it out here!

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