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Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas

By Alaina Titchen

The holidays are just around the corner, so it's time to start buying gifts for the ones we love. In the United States alone, it is estimated that an extra 1 million tons of waste is produced each week during the holiday season. Consumers can help change this by buying more sustainable gifts and focusing on creating less trash. Finding gifts can be difficult, so I have created a list of great possible sustainable items to gift the special people in your life this year.

Rainwater Botanicals, 2023

1. Nontoxic Perfumes

Nontoxic perfumes are a safer option compared to the chemical-ridden perfumes that have been tested on animals.

Rainwater Botanicals handmake their products in small batches. They source their ingredients locally when they can and use organic and sustainable ingredients.

P.F. Candle Co., 2023

2. Safe Candles

Everyone loves candles but what they don’t know is that some candles contain harmful chemicals that are released while they burn.

P.F. Candle Co. donates 1% of its sales annually towards sustainability initiatives and organizations that give back to the planet. They also purchased carbon credits through Climate Neutral which goes towards climate change solutions like renewable energy development and reforestation projects. In addition, they prioritize organically grown materials and ingredients in their products.

Shop now at Earth Hero Candles

Sustainable Jungle, 2023

3. Personal Care Items

The best gifts to get are the ones that keep giving. The cold weather can dry us out and what’s better than receiving skincare and haircare products?

Both Meow Meow Tweet and Shine Skincare Co. are great, clean options to gift. Meow Meow Tweet products are Certified B Corp, Plastic Negative, and Climate Neutral. Shine Skincare Co. is dedicated to balancing health and natural skincare, but it’s also dedicated to helping women break past abuse and trauma through self-love.

Check out both at Shine Skincare Co. + Meow Meow Tweet

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