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Trendy Walmart Re-work

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Over quarantine and this past summer, I found myself having a lot of time on my hands, with stores being closed, school being moved online and a whole global pandemic going on. I needed to find a hobby and something that I was interested in since everyone was using this time to try out new things.

One of my first projects was reworking denim and black jeans into one. I went to Walmart and picked two jeans which were only $9.99 each! I made sure to size up because I was going to take out the seams and re-sew the jeans. The first thing I did with the jeans was rip the inside seams with a seam ripper. This did take some time, but I started from one side and worked my way around the jeans. Once I was finished with both jeans, I took one side of denim and another of black.  Then turned them inside out so the inside of the jeans where facing up. Then, I used black thread and started sewing along the outer edge and used pins to guide me. Once I was finished, I flipped the jeans to right side out and it was able to give me a unique new pair of jeans.

Another project I did was taking a cute jean jacket from the women’s section from Walmart and then went into the fabric section and picked a see-through sequined fabric. When I got home, I turned the jacket, so the backside was facing up, then I cut out the three panels on the back. Afterwards, I flipped the jacket so I could see the inside and pinned the fabric to cover the sections that I cut out. I sewed about an inch around the boarder. Once I was done sewing, I had a brand-new unique jacket.

Even though I am no expert sewer these reworks were easy and fun to do. I put my creative mind to the test with my store selections being limited. What better way to find your inspiration than from your local Walmart!

I also had to try out the hoodie bleach everyone was doing on their TikToks, to stay up with the trends. Honestly, this crew-neck turned from boring and plain into a new statement piece that was inexpensive to do.

Written By: Cat Dumm

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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