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About Us


College Dress Relief is a student advocacy group focusing on current fashion trends, sustainable fashion,  diversity, and professional 

development. We contribute to an online student-run fashion and lifestyle blog geared towards Slippery Rock University students and the surrounding community. We are focused on relieving the daily stress college students endure by encouraging everyone to share their personal styles!


  • Build your portfolio

  • Enhance your writing and blogging skills

  • Network with professionals

  • Attend corporate site visits and conferences

  • Design CDR materials

  • Learn website management

  • Enhance photography skills and portfolio

  • Practice sustainability

  • Learn social media management


To be SRU’s style-friendly stress reliever while promoting awareness of your issues on campus and fostering the professional development of all members. 


We are not here to judge what you wear. We're here to shine light on how each person (regardless of your race/gender/age/major/whatever!) communicates their lifestyle, thoughts, purpose, feelings and personality through what they wear. We believe every piece of clothing has a story and a meaning no matter if it's a previously-loved, two dollar thrift find or a brand-spankin' new outfit, we want to know more and share it with everyone! 

Started in 2015 by public relations majors Danielle Wetzel and Alexandra Caccese, the College Dress Relief team is focused on relieving the daily stress college students endure by encouraging everyone to share their personal style and way of living. CDR is also here for you to learn about fashion, sustainability, and diversity to improve the world we live in and how you can be a part of making that difference.


College Dress Relief welcomes students of any gender, year, or major. If you are interested in joining CDR, please see our bulletin board located on the second floor of Eisenberg to drop in your submission.  You can also contact our president, Drew Confer, at to be added to our email list. You do not have to be interested in fashion to be a part of our team. We have many professional development opportunities for everyone! To learn more, please reach out to us! 

All majors, class levels, and creative minds are welcome to join the CDR team!

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