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SSLOTW ft. Nikita Falen

This week's student style features Nikita Falen, a senior PR and Digital Media major. Read what Nikita thinks about fashion and her own personal style.

Nikita describes her style as comfortable, laid back and loose. When putting her outfits together Nikita's choices are inspired by what the weather is like, how much energy she has that day (feel that) and tumblr.

Nikita's favorite season to dress for is Fall and her favorite places to shop are Gooodwill, Target, Lane Bryant and she likes stores that sell affodrable outfits for plus size girls (hell yeah).

Style advice: "If you are wearing something uncomfortable, bring something comfortable along with you!"

Nikita's goals for this year are to become healthier, establish her own brand and get a job (feels).

Wearing: Goodwill leggings |Target boots |Goodwill turtleneck

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