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#SSLOTD Ft. Mallory Manz!

Today's #SSLOTD is featuring Mallory Manz, a Junior Public Relations Major who loves to experiment with style! Mallory considers her personal style to be trendy and fun. She is inspired by Audrey Hepburn who carries a classy style and always seems to be put together. Mallory says, "This is typically how I dress on a daily basis. I love experimenting with my outfits and testing out the newest trends, so everyday it usually is a completely different outfit."

Her favorite places to shop are H&M, Forever 21, and Target. Both her choker and shirt are from Kohl's while her shorts are from H&M, and shoes from Target. Her life goal is to become a professional in the world of Fashion PR at a PR firm or work for a popular fashion magazine. She likes to be spontaneous while choosing what she wears and her advice is to "Never be afraid to try something new!"

Mallory Manz

Junior - Public Relations

Clubs & Orgs - Rock PRoductions & Lambda Pi Eta

Slippery Rock University

Instagram: @malmanz29

Twitter: @MalloryAlexis29

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