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Trend Tuesday: Flare Jeans are Back

The ’70s style, flare, bell-bottom jeans are back and better than ever. If you have been consistently wearing skinny jeans everywhere you go, you aren’t alone. It's time to put away your tight and boring skinny jeans and join in on the comfortable and dazzling trend of the artistic flare.

There are many different ways that a pair of flare jeans can be styled in this day and age. They are also very affordable, so if you are looking for a way to slowly dive into the new trend, have no fear.

So what can exactly can you wear with them?

For casual wear, you can top these jeans off with a nice sweater or a tucked-in tank paired with some simple flats. You can even wear a cardigan over a tank for a more cozier look. If you're thinking fancy, pair a dress shirt and jacket with a closed or open toed heel. Boom, flare for every occasion.

Taking the trend a step further, you can even rock a cropped flare jean that has more of a capri look. Some select styles even have fringes on the bottom to give them more character, kind of like adding a little extra spice to your outfit.

If you're looking to add some pizazz to your fall wardrobe, embrace the art of the flare jean. With so many ways to rock the trend, you can take it and adjust it to your personal style, leaving room for whatever you're feeling that day.

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