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#TBT to 80's Workout Fashion

Unfortunately, summer has come to an end and fall is here! That doesn’t mean we should give up on working for that rockin' summer body. 80’s fashion is something that will always be remembered. That being said, I think we can all agree that exercise clothes in the 80’s were a huge fashion statement. From the leg warmers, leotards, short shorts, sweat bands, jump suits, and let's not can’t forget the SPANDEX.

Leg warmers for women were not only used for working out. They became so popular, women would even wear them with miniskirts. Talk about mixing up your everyday look. Leg warmers came in vibrant fun colors women wanted to show off, make it known they were there, and they had ARRIVED.

Leotards were one of the main articles of clothing women wore to workout in. They were tight, colorful, and women couldn’t get enough of them. Workout videos became very popular around this time, nearly every girl in these videos had spandex leggings under a leotard, and of course sweat bands.

Men’s workout clothes from the 80’s are much different from what we see today. We're used to seeing guys in long basketball shorts that covered their knees, and a regular t-shirt. This was not the case in the 80’s. Men wore track running shorts that went way above the knee, tank tops, and sometimes jumpsuits.

I personally love the 80’s style. I love the vibrant colors, crazy, make up, and big hair. The workout trends back then are slowly coming back into our generation with spandex and leggings becoming popular again. I don’t know if I could ever wear a leotard working out, but back then they really (and literally) rocked it as a trademark trend of the 80's era. Long live the crazy hair, matching sweatbands, and leotards that could be worn many occasions.

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