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Fallin' For Something Casual

Name: Johnathan Kohlhepp

Major: Communication, Digital Media Production

Minor: Information Technology

Outfit at a Glance:

Shirt: Hooded long-sleeve shirt

  • Brand: PD&C

Pants: Jeans

  • Brand: Big Star

Shoes: blue sneaker

  • Brand: American Eagle

Accessories: wristwatch

  • Brand: LG Urbane


Hair: Split-left, clean and neat

Subject’s Perspective:

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Well today I just dressed for comfort. Just everyday wear.

Q: How do you get dressed for the day? Do you have an agenda or do you just go with the flow?

A: I match my shirt with whatever shoes I plan on wearing that day (and vice versa). Then I choose my pants accordingly.

Writer’s Perspective:

When I first looked at Johnathan’s outfit, two words immediately came to mind.

Simple. Clean.

To the naked eye, Mr. Kohlhepp’s outfit is nothing more than the result of an appropriate wardrobe change as we attempt to transition into the Fall season. However, upon further review… or rather a more detailed review, Johnathan’s attire is in fact quietly brilliant.

While it might not be what others would consider high fashion, every piece has a purpose. Everything from his shoes to the manner in which he styles his hair seems to demonstrate that his outfit was not just randomly pieced together – it conveys careful planning and calculation.

This “simple elegance” is illustrated in the detail of each piece, their respective colors, and the subject’s decision making process.


Although Johnathan’s outfit violates (to a certain degree) my own unwritten rule of having too much of the same color, I feel that given the different shades and styles of each piece there is enough variation to project an appealing visual aesthetic while maintaining a healthy balance.


As we are entering the Fall season, be prepared to see more long-sleeves, jeans, sweat pants (I will actually be writing a piece dedicated solely on the do’s and don’ts on men’s wear; however, please, gentlemen, for the love of all that his mighty do not wear sweats), Hollister hoodies and, my personal favorite, flannel shirts.

I like Johnathan’s choice to go with a light, long-sleeved hooded shirt; it fits the season and is practical given the recent temperature change.


These are typical jeans – the kind that are made for every day wear; however, what I notice and like about his choice to go with this particular brand/style are as follows:

  1. They are a different color and shade of blue that his hoodie is made up of.

  2. They don’t have any holes or ragged edges in the pockets, knees or bottoms.

  3. They fit – they aren’t too long, too baggy, or too tight. (Gentlemen, this is something to take note of.)


Shoes. This is where a lot of men make some of the biggest mistakes in fashion (especially when it comes to college wear).

You can have a brilliantly coordinated outfit but if your shoes (and belt) do not match… it can ruin the entire ensemble.

Writer's Thoughts

This is coming from a personal bias but Navy blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. It’s safe, casual and fits many occasions (both social and professional). Directing my attention to Johnathan’s shoes, I like their colors and textures. Not only do the tan and off-yellow/brown complement the navy blue nicely, but they offer a subtle, yet noticeable aesthetic that both accents his outfit and – to a certain degree – completes it.

Look down a little farther, and you will notice that Johnathan’s socks are not only matching his shoes but provide a colorful decoration of pattern and style. Although they are located in an area that receives very little “visual traffic” it illustrates, yet again, Johnathan’s attention to detail.

Quite possibly the most important detail regarding his shoes – Johnathan’s shoes are MATCHING his shirt. Too often do I find outfits that I like where the shirt has a clean design, complementary colors, the pants are matching with the right tone but then I get down to the individual’s shoes and whether they are torn, tattered or a different shade entirely from the rest of the outfit.


Johnathan’s “accessories” add an element of class to this ensemble. Despite living in a digital world where smart phones have almost completely rendered the need for wristwatches useless, Johnathan’s choice to wear one adds yet another subtle visual element to his torso.

Also included is his pen. Johnathan went so far as to match his writing utensil not only with outfit, but to his watch as well.

This is the kind of attention to detail that projects simplicity and elegance in fashion.

Parting Advice

Me: “Do you have any advice for students looking to ‘upgrade’ their fall wardrobe?”

Johnathan: “You don’t have to try that hard, just don’t be lazy. All it takes is a little bit of thought and effort.”

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