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Internations Fashion Show Recap

The Internations Fashion Show was a celebration of culture, fashion, and student life. As part of the 42nd Internations Week, the show was a tradition for students in the club at SRU. Featured in the show was fashion from the countries of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, Korea, China, Nigeria, USA, Mexico, France, UK and Romania. The colorful, unique outfits were brought to life by over 40 student models showcasing the different fashions from around the world.

Also at the show were special student performances. From Beatbox Society was Michael Johnson, followed by an Indian and Nepali song performance by Jenny & Amit, English song performance by Harshani,Tenam and Amit, and a dancing performance by Jenny, Anoj and Binod.

With over 250 people in the audience, the show as meant to raise awareness of the international students on campus. Being at the show myself, I saw how different students and staff enjoyed the event. There was truly never a dull moment, and the Internations Club did a wonderful job of showcasing the unique diversity we are proud to have at SRU.

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