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#SSLOTD Street Style Edition ft. Megan Price

I recently did a photo shoot with SRU student Megan Price. Overall, it went extremely well, and I was able to capture some amazing shots. The shoot was a great experience, and I was able to think outside the box with my photography. After the shoot I decided to ask my model what she thinks of fashion, and her overall experience with taking photos. Take a peek of what she thinks.

RS: How did you go about choosing your outfit and style for this shoot? MP: For the first shoot, I wanted to wear something that combined fall clothes with street style. I chose ripped jeans, combat boots and army green jacket along with a black scarf. The army green jacket is for sure trending right now so I wanted to make sure I was able to incorporate it into my outfit. For the second shoot, I wanted to try to combine the fall street-wear style again but with a different approach. I chose an off the shoulder army green cropped sweater with black ripped jeans and black wedge booties. I then finished the look with a simple black choker.

RS: What are some stores that you typically shop at and why?

MP: My favorite stores are PacSun, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, and H&M because they are always on trend when it comes to colors, patterns, accessories, etc. My style tends to be more classic chic and feminine because I love colors and layering jewelry and these stores have all the styles I love.

RS: What is your Favorite fashion trend of 2016? MP: My favorite fashion trend of 2016 is definitely bringing back chokers. I think they’re so simple but enough to complete any look.

RS: What was your favorite part about the photo shoot experience?

MP: I love the whole photo shoot experience because I am able to go out and be creative with fashion and also the photography aspect of backgrounds and how they all tie together.

RS: If you had one night with your favorite celebrity, what would your outfit consist of?

MP: My favorite celebrity is for sure Kendall Jenner. I love how she creates her own styles and has a bold look. If I had a night out with her, I would have to go along with a cropped sweater, high-waisted ripped jeans or leggings, combat boots, and of course a choker.

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