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A Step into the Future of Fashion

I recently visited a very different and quite abstract exhibit in the heart of the artsy city of Pittsburgh, PA. This mind-blowing exhibit features well known fashion designer Iris van Herpen’s whimsical and creative pieces.

What automatically surprises many when stepping into the near live lookbook of Herpen’s artwork is the strange variety of materials and techniques showcased. She uses woven metals, gold foil, and 3D printing as some of the many odd materials to design her clothing.

It’s hard to absorb all of the insanely surreal details in van Herpen’s pieces. You almost have to see it to believe the pieces were crafted by a single individual. The focus of her work is showing the finely crafted detail she puts into each piece, and the deeper meaning behind each collection. All of the pieces are unique in their own way, not a single one alike.

Overall, I loved van Herpen’s pieces that were displayed at the Carnegie Museum of Art exhibit, “Iris Van Herpen: Transforming Fashion.” As an individual who loves and appreciates fashion, this exhibit has the power to open one’s eyes to newer possibilities. For anyone in the area, or traveling to Pittsburgh this year, this is a must stop for any fashion fanatic.

photos taken at the Carnegie Museum of Art

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