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Hollywood's Sustainable Queen

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Brenna Prozzoly

“Luxury to me means peace of mind.” -Emma Watson

This quote was made by Emma Watson, who is a well-known actress, feminist and sustainable fashion activist. Lots of people know Emma as a strong female figure in the entertainment industry. She is a popular role model who often shares her opinions on current issues happening in the world. Compared to other celebrities, Emma has a unique view on what the term “luxury fashion” means to her. For Emma, wearing recycled clothing and environmentally friendly clothing is what she considers a luxury.

Most recently Emma has shared her love for sustainable fashion in a new form. Her definition of luxury is when the articles of clothing are ethically produced and created. For her Beauty and the Beast press tour, Emma wore pieces personally made for her by designers such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Phillip Lim and Eva Fehren. The designers she wears use no fur, no animal skin and no leather. These clothing designers are all about reducing, reusing and recycling materials that are precious to our environment.

Emma showcased the luxurious, sustainable pieces by promoting them on a new Instagram account she created, @the_press_tour. The creation of this account has been a great way for Emma to promote and showcase the beautiful, sustainable pieces made for her. Emma launched the Instagram account around the same time she attended the premiere events for Beauty and the Beast. On the account, Emma shares images of her outfits for all of her press events, along with the details of each outfit.

That brings us to the topic of the iconic, yellow dress Emma wore inspired by her character, Belle. This dress, made by Christian Dior, was made with certified organic silk (not to mention it’s stunning!). The outfit she wore to the French press conferences for Beauty and the Beast was made form Newlife recycled polyester, and it was created from used plastic bottles. Another piece she wore was a beautiful, silver embroidered dress worn at the Shanghai Disneyland premiere. It was made from leftover fabric and it was created by a company that uses no animal products, recycled material and organic silk.

Emma’s style is not only sustainable; it’s chic, classy, casual and beautiful. Having someone so popular in the public eye share her passion for sustainability is both inspiring and a wonderful influence on her fans. The creation of @the_press_tour has been a genius way to for Emma to show the world the importance of sustainable resources, and how fashion is helping be a part of that change.

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