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Embroidery: The Look-Out Trend for 2017

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Ryan Shimko

One of the biggest trends of 2017 that has been making a comeback is embroidery. It was Gucci's Spring/Summer collection of 2016, and turned heads in the runway and street style world of fashion. Gucci’s collection showed very elegantly styled pieces that ranged from tiger heads on the backs of jean jackets, floral dress shoes, to the iconic snake embroidered on the side of jeans. Currently, many people have become a fan of the embroidery trend and have been doing easy-to-do embroidered custom pieces.

These custom pieces can come on anything from Vans to Yeezy’s, and add the perfect creative edge to your personal look. I would expect to see retailers such as H&M and Forever 21 pick up on this trend, as they have already begun selling jean jackets with embroidered lions and dragons.

Now there's also a cheaper alternative to finding embroidered clothing. You can find many popular embroidered stickers much easier than finding an actual embroidered piece. Using websites such as Amazon and Etsy are perfect for creating your own DIY piece that's unique to your style, and is half the price.

So, is embroidery the hottest trend of 2017? Well, it's definitely had the biggest presence in the new year, and I surely don't see it stopping anything soon. This is especially true since Gucci has become such a staple for it, and their 2017 line has once again presented embroidery as the staple to their new pieces.

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