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Lifestyle Blogger 101

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Brianna Carpenter

I don’t know about you, but I am completely OBSESSED with following anyone on social media who is up and coming. You know what I’m talking about, those girls who post about their cutesy life on all their social media platforms for everyone to see. I love seeing Instagramers wear things from different brands that they are getting paid to show off on their YouTube channel... what a life. The ones that show you the different tips and tricks that they implement into their daily routine that makes them oh-so popular on Instagram to get 6 million followers. Because I follow and obsess over these people that I’ve never met, I would say that I know quite a bit about the in’s and out’s of a “lifestyle blogger icon.” So, I thought I’d take the time to share with you what it takes to be one these people.

It’s all about the theme

The people that I follow apply just the right filter to make their page so aesthetically pleasing in order to fit their hipster lifestyle. They go on trips all over the world and get paid to stay at exclusive resorts. Companies send them free subscription boxes and clothes. So, if you’re trying to be like them, you have to find your own unique style and sell your brand. The lifestyle blogger that I’m in love with, Aspyn Ovard, even started her own online store that features clothes that she would wear. Ultimately, I think the key to her success is that she really interacts with her viewers. She is always asking what she should post next, and she creates annual videos for things like back to school and holidays. Another thing that I think makes you a true lifestyle blogger is if you post pictures of your food. I know that I’m always pinning or making note of what cool places I plan to visit when I see the little cafes or burger places that are on my newsfeed. It just so happens that more often than not these people are vegan, coincidence?

Plug, Plug, Plug

If you’re not you’re biggest fan, who else is going to be, right? I watch a weekly blog of this couple from LA (who are gorgeous may I add.) Like any YouTuber, if you’re going to vlog your life, you want people to watch. So, throughout this couple’s videos they are constantly encouraging people to subscribe to their channel, follow them on Instagram and buy their merch. They also get asked to model for all these great photographers whenever they travel to new places and they will plug them as well. If you want someone to remember you, you basically have to drill it into their brain.

Does your fandom even have a name yet?

Many celebrities as well as people who have influence in the social media world typically have a huge fanbase, thousands if not millions. Fans can be so diehard that they can create a name for themselves (i.e. Demi Lovato’s Lovatics or Justin Bieber’s Beliebers). Focus on what the people want, and that stems from what is currently trending. If it’s fall, focus on the sweaters, the scarves and taking cute photoshoot with the leaves changing. Another great thing that these Insta Worthy people do is meet-and-greets. They set a time and tell people where they are going to be and they really engage with their admirers, which creates more of an attraction.

Personally, I would love to be a lifestyle blogger. I know it will probably never happen for me, to get paid to talk about my life, but it’s a dream.

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