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Gucci Goes Green: Stops Use of Fur in 2018

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Ryan Shimko

Gucci’s recent collections have featured a big number of Fur related pieces to show the luxury of fur in the 1970’s & 80’s decades, which Gucci’s creative designer Alessandro Michele has influenced into the high designer brand. With the brand giving a completely redesigned look, the company looking to not becoming uncultured. As Gucci has came out as one of the hottest brands for the millennial generation, and that certain precautions should be made to help stabilize the fashion industry to further give the high fashion company a positive image for the world.

With such a statement from a company with such a high image, I can only think that this will continue onto other high designer companies as well. Gucci’s social influence is HUGE currently, the brand has resurfaced as a social media powerhouse, and should soon become a ripple effect for other brands to follow. It’s a statement in which shows that the industry must care for things other than ourselves and that putting sustainability in the fashion industry can be one of the biggest influences in world conservation.

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