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Infinity Dresses Make Great Bridesmaid Dresses

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Allison Downs

A wedding is very difficult to plan. Finding and booking a venue, hiring a caterer or catering the reception yourself, choosing the Maid of Honor and Best Man, deciding on a color scheme, writing up a guest list, and sending save-the-dates and invitations are all challenging and time-consuming. One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is finding the perfect dresses, for both the bride and the bridesmaids.

My sister and I breathed a sigh of relief when we found “infinity dresses” at an online store called Dress & Charm. The website offers thirty different colors, from burgundy to yellow to royal blue, so finding a dress to match the bride’s color scheme won’t be a challenge. The dresses come in two different lengths: midi and maxi. There are both straight-size and plus-size options; the straight-size dress fits up to a size 18 (or XL), and the plus-size dress fits up to a size 24 (or 4XL). The dress, being made of a polyester spandex blend, stretches to comfortably to fit any body shape, which is a rare and amazing find in the fashion industry!

The infinity dress’s best quality? The “straps” are wide and long so that you can style the top of your dress however you like! You can style the straps into a halter, V-neck, off-the-shoulder, strapless, or one-shoulder top. The dress also comes with a bandeau to wear beneath your dress.

These dresses are also affordable! The straight-size midi dress is offered at $47, and the maxi length is offered at $57. Plus-size dresses are a little more expensive: the midi length is offered at $62, and the maxi length is offered at $67. Compared to other bridesmaid dresses, the infinity dress is so affordable! It’s also a dress that you can wear multiple times, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Dress & Charm is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (@dressandcharm). On their social media, they post photos of their customers wearing their dresses and the different ways they’ve been styled. On their YouTube channel, they post tutorial videos of different and unique ways to style their infinity dresses.


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