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The Barn at Everthine

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Madison Weinzierl

Picking a wedding venue is a big deal - it is expensive and sets the tone of the wedding. As I once heard, the venue is the “meat” in the big wedding sandwich. It's what the guests first see when arriving. When we visited our wedding venue client, I went in thinking these things and I was blown away.

When we pulled up to the gate of the long entry road, CDR was met with the logo we designed on signs leading up to the Barn at Ever Thine. The signs were beautifully done and it was incredible to see the logo we made come to life. Only expecting to see the barn, we were kind of confused when we first pulled up. Our eyes were greeted with several house-like buildings, as well as this big barn. Melissa Bier Paule, the owner and our gracious client, surprised us with food and drinks, and the barn was set up with white tables and chairs to help us envision what it could potentially look like on a wedding day. She was extremely kind and appreciative of all the work that we have been doing for her. CDR has had this client since the beginning of the semester, and since then we have done so much for her including a new logo, social media accounts, posts for social media, a newspaper ad, and even a billboard sign to put in Butler!

The finishes on everything were rustic but modern and had very clean lines and paint. Due to the cold, the barn doors were not fully open, but they would be great for a spring or summer wedding. Everything was so beautiful! Getting married here would be a dream - from the wonderful taste of the owners to the hand-crafted stain glass in the barn. Melissa has also created bride and groom suites, which are two separate houses for the parties to get ready at, as well as a bed and kitchenette in the bride’s for the bride and groom to stay the night. She is also working on turning one of the other buildings on their property into a bed and breakfast for the guests or bridal party.

Overall, the Barn at Ever Thine visit blew our expectations out of the water and continuing to work with her in the future will be amazing! Visiting the venue gave us all so many ideas and whatever she needs next, we will be on it!


Photo Credit

Ryan Shimko

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