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Rebel Gail Visit

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Allison Downs

Last month, I traveled with College Dress Relief’s executive board members and Dr. Quinn to New York City for three days. The experience was both overwhelming and exciting! We stayed at a hotel just a few blocks away from Times Square and Broadway, so we obviously had to attend a Broadway show (Waitress was hilarious) and shop at H&M and Forever 21 (both stores had several levels). We also got to enjoy a nice dinner with three SRU alumni, one being Lexi Caccese, a co-founder of CDR!

Walking into Rebel Gail’s office instantly brought a smile to my face. It was small, but modern. Glass walls were placed throughout the office, all with writing on them - content calendars, plans for clients, and more were all written in dry-erase marker on each wall! Jessica Goldberg, one of the joint-CEOs of Rebel Gail, said that the glass walls were also beneficial because she can see what everyone is doing.

Rebel Gail has worked with brands like AcneFree, CeraVe, OB Complete Nutrition, and Litter Genie. When working with Litter Genie, they utilized influencer marketing. They narrowed down their target audience (cat lovers) and partnered with relevant “social influencers” like Lil Bub the Cat.

One very notable Rebel Gail campaign was the #WomenNotObjects campaign. Launched in January 2016, Women Not Objects campaigns for women’s advocacy in the advertising industry. Rebel Gail was tasked with developing a strategy to create social conversation around #WomenNotObjects and drive video views without revealing the creator of the videos. One the campaign gained enough momentum, Rebel Gail was then tasked with securing media coverage for the video and announcing its creator, Madonna Badger.

Being in New York City and visiting these agencies opened my eyes to a possible future. Getting to know Jessica Goldberg (who also started out as a journalist) and Frank Neill, the digital vice president, at Rebel Gail was wonderful and fun. I can only hope that I will someday be as successful in the industry as they are.


Photo Credit

Rebel Gail (@rebelgailcomm)

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