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What's in Store from Dior 2019

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Ryan Shimko

Long-standing, high-fashion brand Dior has been making a lot of fashion headlines in the past year, especially with the acquisition of creative director Kim Jones as the head of the menswear line in 2018.

The recently unveiled pre-fall 2019 men's collection sparked creative interest and inspiration for me. It was a scene to behold, with a gigantic, futuristic sculpture towering over the show, making it feel like the inner workings of Tron. The clothing pieces were a heavy hitter for me, with iridescent and holographic materials and the use of patterns and prints. The collection is also in collaboration with Matt Williams (Founder of Alyx) and Yoon (Co-Founder of Ambush), both having designs included throughout, such as utility combat belts and futuristic accessories and jewelry.

The show got a lot publicity and has had great reviews from the industry for featuring the new artistic designs, branding, and influences from its collaborators. Dior is looking to have a big year, especially after the collaborative effort with streetwear artist Kaws in 2018. Dior introduced a futuristic look from a well-established brand, and will continue to innovate.


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