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Meeting Kelsey Breisinger

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Lindsay Mulhollen

Last semester CDR had the opportunity to host Kelsey Breisinger as a guest speaker! For those of you who do not know, Kelsey is a Pittsburgh-based fashion and beauty blogger.

An alumna from Slippery Rock University, Kelsey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a concentration in social media. Post-graduation, she gained experience working for a marketing firm where she discovered her true passion - connecting with others through the use of social media! With strategic planning of the content she created, Kelsey was able to turn her personal Instagram and blog into a career. Along with building a career, Kelsey has also been able to build up her Instagram following @kelclight. Currently, she has over 35,000 followers and counting!

Across all platforms whether it be her blog or social media accounts, Kelsey has shared her lifestyle, tips, and favorite trends with her growing audience. One thing is for sure - she does an amazing job at keeping realness a top priority while embracing the little imperfections life tends to bring. She caters to her followers by providing a light-hearted, welcoming environment which you will find throughout her social media! In addition to her blog, Kelsey has worked with an increasing number of clients by providing publicity and promotions for their products and services. She even launched her own clothing collection in October 2018!

While meeting with CDR, Kelsey told us about her time at SRU and how it led to her becoming an aspiring entrepreneur. She provided tips and tricks on how to keep followers engaged with your content, apps to aid in making Instagram more aesthetically pleasing, the process of creating a media plan when dealing with clients, and more. Kelsey was more than willing to answer all the questions members had in a laid-back, informal chat! At the end of the meeting, she left members feeling more confident in creating content that will increase their own social media presence!

If you're interested in seeing more from Kelsey, make sure to check out her blog and social media accounts, and give her a follow!


Photo Credit

Kelsey Breisinger (@kelclight)

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