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To Do Around SRU

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Fiona McKenzie

It’s hard to know what there is to do around Slippery Rock. I know when I first moved here I struggled with finding unique things to do around here. After living here for a while, I have discovered quite a few things in the area. Below are a list of a few things to do as we near the end of the semester, before you head home for the summer.

- Go to the Starlight Drive-In

- Go to Moraine Park for a hike

- Go to Pittsburgh for the day. There’s a bus you can catch in Butler and New Castle and it takes you right to the heart of Pittsburgh for $4.

- Go to Mazzanti’s Beans and Cream for unique ice cream.

- Go to Plato’s Closet in Cranberry. You can do some spring cleaning and sell the clothes you don’t wear anymore and pick up some new pieces.

- Go to an AMC theater on a Tuesday for $5 movie day.

- Go to the Flea Market on Sundays at Starlight Drive Inn.

These are just a few things around here I like to do. It can be hard to try and think of things to do. I would highly suggest trying anything on this list to fulfill your boredom before you leave Slippery Rock for the summer. You can find out more about any of these activities by just looking them up online! There’s plenty more to do around here, I just haven’t had the opportunity to explore more than I already have. These activities can be great stress relievers especially with finals approaching so quickly.


Photo Credit

Fiona McKenzie

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