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Animal Prints are Clawing Their Way Back to the Top

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Trinity Romesburg

Have you ever seen a fashion trend and haven't been quite sure how you felt about it? Well, I am here to tell you I felt the same way about animal prints, until I started putting some outfits together! When I first saw animal prints I wasn’t sure how to style them, but as I shopped for some of these prints I fell in love with them and their endless possibilities. Is this the new neutral this fall?

I put together four outfits using leopard and cheetah prints. I wanted to show my inner “cattitude” with these edgy animal prints. You can make your outfit anything that you want it to be, which is why adding patterns is so exciting! Through putting these outfits together I came up with a few different tips on how to make the most of your animal prints!

1. Don’t be Afraid to Stack Your Animal Print!

For a dressy outfit, you can pair multiple articles of clothing consisting of the same pattern, but be careful not to stack too much! Also, make sure you space out your patterns so that two separate garments don't turn into one! That is why I went with a leopard jacket and leopard shoes - the white tank top and black pants break up the patterns!

2. The Simpler the Better!

In this fast-paced, technologically advanced world we feel bombarded with complicated things, but when it comes to leopard and cheetah prints, the simpler the better! To make an outfit it just takes one simple pop like this cheetah jacket - it easily catches your eye. If you want a little more flare, pair your simple outfit with some platform sandals or Vans for a completely different look! Also, I wore my hair in a bun to create an edgier vibe - your hairstyle can also give your outfit different looks!

3. Mix and Match Your Colors!

The strangest color combinations can be the most unexpected, but rewarding, color combinations to make an outfit beautiful and unique! I paired my leopard belt and leopard shoes with soft colored peach pants, and a soft blue tank top along with a denim jacket. When it comes to fashion, think outside of the box - you never know if the color combos will flow unless you try the outfit on! You could end up pleasantly surprised, with your one-of-a-kind outfit sure to turn heads!

4. Embrace the Versatility!

Animal prints are more versatile then you might think. As limited as it seems to have such a full pattern, there is so much you can pair with these prints! I tried a cheetah skirt with a plain denim button up cropped top. The versatile nature behind this pattern is that you can wear almost any color of shoe with this outfit, and the same thing goes for the top. Since Winter will be here before we know it, you could wear a black or white turtle neck with this skirt, and even wear black tights under it when it really gets cold. A knotted tee shirt would dress this outfit down, with a pair of plain white shoes or boots! I paired my outfit with bright yellow heels to give a “beginning of autumn,” vibe.

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