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Pennsylvania's Hidden Oasis

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Catherine Dumm

Most people think that there is nothing ‘cool’ to do in Pennsylvania beyond hanging out at the local Sheetz with your friends, but sometimes you just have to think outside the box for things to do.

Over the summer I did my research on different places to travel in western Pennsylvania. I stumbled across this YouTube channel called Hand in Hand Adventures. This couple travels all around to hidden places in PA, OH, WV, and NY. One of their videos that I encountered was "PA's Hidden Oasis," which was a crystal clear lagoon called Big Spring. The sight was literally breath-taking, and I knew I had to find it!

One gorgeous summer day my friends and I decided to make the two-hour drive to this hidden oasis. This lagoon is hidden by famous Mt. Davis, which happens to be the highest point in Pennsylvania.

We made our way through the trails and small bridges and then there it was - the glistening of the sun through the trees on the lagoon. It was like nothing I have seen before. The sand at the bottom of the lagoon was constantly moving. We thought there was a creature under the sand, but were told it was just quicksand. Luckily, none of us stepped on it! The water was freezing cold and we could barely keep our feet in the water for a minute.

Everything was just beyond breath taking. If you think that there is nothing to do Pennsylvania, think again. Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking, scenic places in all the country.

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