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Diamonds & More are Anyone's Best Friend

Who doesn’t love accessorizing?? A statement earring, dainty rings or layered necklaces. One shine or pop of color in a jewelry piece can really make your outfit. There have been many trends of 2021 and I really think that statement jewelry is having its moment. Do you prefer gold or silver as your base? Diamonds or Pearls? Crystal stones or Seashells? There are endless brands and jewelry options to choose!

Brands, Brands, Brands

A few favorite brands of mine:

A few places I love to buy my jewelry if not from the brands above:

I really like brands like Ana Lusia because they take pride in how and what their pieces are made of, sustainably crafted win. AFLV Jewels offer trending jewelry at affordable prices, I see this brand all over my TikTok and Instagram feed.

Now let’s talk about staple pieces you must have. A simple diamond earring, pair of small gold hoop earrings, fun dangly earrings (add a pop of color here), a simple silver and gold necklace, chunky gold necklace, layered necklace moment, beachy seashell necklace, chain bracelet, gold ring set (target has so many) and a silver ring set - are just a few. Oh! and don't forget the pearls, they will never go out of style. These pieces can be worn with loungewear or a midi dress moment.

All of the pieces mentioned above will elevate your already gorg outfit. I feel so much more put together with a few pieces on. It’s easy to dress up a more casual look or add a focal point to a simple outfit. My biggest tip: to find pieces that fit your vibe. You want to feel confident wearing those statement earrings and when you are … be ready for the “where did you get those” to “wow those are gorgeous” comments to roll in!

Written By: Beatrice Egyed

Edited By: Crystal Lord


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