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DIY Painted Jeans

Life during the pandemic may make it hard for some people to go out shopping. Up-cycling allows you to work with clothes you already own and turn them into something new. This alternative to buying clothes is also better for the environment. With the fashion industry making up the second largest pollutant in the world, up-cycling is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. It can also be a fun activity to do if you are stuck inside. Up-cycling allows you to make unique pieces that can fit your personal style. It allows you to take an old out of style item you do not wear anymore and turn it into something trendy. I will be showing you how to change up an old pair of jeans. If you have a pair that you are not crazy about anymore, or that you would like to make trendy here is the solution for you. Painting your jeans is a way to make a statement piece in your wardrobe that will be completely unique to you. It also allows you to pick a design that is in style to reinvent your jeans. If are not the best painter do not worry this up-cycling project can still be super fun and easy.

For this project you will need either acrylic paints and a fabric paint medium or fabric paints. This will prevent the paint from cracking on the denim. Then you can look on Pinterest or google for design ideas. Using a stencil and/or sketching out your design on them first can make it easier. Also, the pattern you choose for them will affect your difficulty level. When working make sure you leave time for layers of paint to dry before adding more and try not to wash them frequently in order to preserve the design. I made a pair for myself over the summer and a pair recently for my friend for her birthday. This can be a great project if you are looking for a way to make a personalized gift for the holidays, or it could even be useful with Halloween coming up because you can paint them to fit a costume.

Written By: Ilaria Perry

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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