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Food and Fits

After this weekend’s homecoming festivities, my friends and I decided to celebrate the conclusion of madness through a nice dinner. Many would choose to relax, but for us, the best form of recovery is getting dressed up to go out. My boyfriend and I think of ourselves as food connoisseurs, as we frequently travel to various restaurants and always overlook a far drive. So, we decided to google a bit, we and landed on Firebirds which has an American cuisine menu with steak and seafood. I would describe their dress code as relaxed, but still clean. My boyfriend’s sister works there, so we knew it would be great. We called ahead and reserved a table for 7:30 pm. They had nothing earlier, but 7:30 reminds me of formal dinner so, that’s alright. Luckily, it was only a short thirty-minute drive to Cranberry.

I am meticulous about what I wear when going out to eat. I love piecing together outfits that blissfully complement my mood and the occasion. My bestie girl Cayla and I decided to wear long cheetah-print skirts and plain white shirts, which were modest enough for classy and still fun. Our boyfriends chose not to match like us, but they still dressed nicely and cozily. The inside of the restaurant felt colloquial yet luxurious. As soon as we walked in, I knew we matched the vibe. I ordered a superb shrimp salad with strawberries and nuts, but my friend did not like her meal, so we ended up switching. Instead, I had a Baja shrimp pasta. It was the perfect pasta. It had some spice to it and tasted like it was in a vodka cream sauce. The top was sprinkled with the most buttery goat cheese. Do not even get me started on the free cheesecake we got for dessert! OMG. It was so decadent.

Julienne’s outfit (right and me): top is from sister’s closet, skirt from Urban Outfitters, shoes are thrifted New Balance. Cayla’s outfit (right) top is from Shein, skirt is thrifted, and shoes are Birkenstock slides.

Following dinner, we took pictures outside near the cute pond/ fountain in the not-so-nice freezing weather. I felt bloated and exhausted but exuberant because I was with some of my best friends. The pictures captured our joyous moods of the night and contentment with smiles and closed eyes.

Written By: Julienne Anderson

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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