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How I Made a Last Minute Costume

Halloween is here and you don’t have anything to wear? Me either! This year, I do just plan on staying in on Halloween with some friends, but to make the night different from our other game nights, we decided to dress up. But of course being me, I didn’t have anything to wear.

I ran through my lists of ideas and things that I would be able to do without needing to buy much: Wednesday Addams, a witch, Shelly Duval in the Shinning or Lydia Deetz. The thing is, I was going to have to buy at least one thing for each costume and I did not want to do that. I needed to be more creative and really plow though what I had and the depths of Pinterest.

One costume I’ve seen circulating for a long time, is just The Sims diamond that is above your avatar. The only problem is I don’t play The Sims and wouldn’t consider it as fun. But then it hit me; a game my friends and I have been playing recently is Among Us, which is just a fun mystery game. But in the game, you have the option of what color you are and what hat you want to wear. On Tik Tok, I saw people who dressed up in outfits with one solid base color and put a hat on that was similar to the ones in the game, so I decided to do just that.

I always play as yellow in the game, so I found dark mustard overalls from Arie that were perfect. I then just grabbed a thrifted black turtleneck and a flannel and paired it with my Dr. Martens Chelsea boots. All that was left was a hat, I normally I play with a leaf, but I needed something else so I’m just going with one of my baseball caps I have. Nothing crazy! Just a simple Halloween costume that I won’t be uncomfortable in.

Written By: Drew Confer

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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