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How to dress like Blair Waldorf on a budget:

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hello fashionistas, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on how you can look stylish like Blair Waldorf, but for way less! Don’t believe me? Keep reading and look for yourselves! Xoxo, Franny.

The main reason I rewatched the show Gossip Girl is to get style inspiration from Blair Waldorf. Her style is very classic, preppy, girly, and professional. Blair's signature looks often consist of dresses and skirts, which is very similar to my personal style as well. Both of my skirts in the pictures are from amazon for less than $20. In the wintertime, Blair wears her dresses or skirts with tights, I purchase my tights from either Target, Old Navy, or Amazon, but they sell tights in almost any retail store. On Amazon you can find fleece lined tights so that your legs can stay warm in the winter.

When shopping for Blair inspired dresses one of the main places I shop is H&M. They are very affordable and have a ton of basic pieces that you can dress up. When finding dresses, look for a more structured and elegant style. Anything with ruffles or lace detailing will give you that Blair look. I got the black dress with pearls on the sleeves from H&M for only $15.

Pea coats are a classic statement piece that blair tends to wear a lot in the colder weather. I got my light pink peacoat from H&M for $30. Blair also tends to wear blazers a lot, and some of my favorite blazers I own are ones that I found in thrift stores! I got the black, white and pink tweed blazer for $5 thrifting, and I got the red designer blazer with gold buttons from a vintage thrift boutique for $18!

Since Blair attends an upscale private school, her blouses usually consist of collared button up shirts with a tie in the front. The blouses I am wearing are from Shein for less than $20. Shein has thousands of styles, and new pieces added every day. It is very stylish and trendy, and most importantly it is super affordable!

For Blair styled accessories, headbands all the way! Middle school me would be in her glory right now. I’ve always loved headbands because they add something exciting and colorful to any outfit. All my headbands are from Target, Claire's, or Amazon. Blair also occasionally wears berets in the colder weather, especially when she’s in Paris! My pink beret with pearls on it is from Charlotte Russe and I got it for $10.

For shoes, Blair tends to stick to flats or heels. My black heels are from Forever 21 for $15, My black flats are from Walmart for $10, and my Tory Burch flats are from Poshmark. If you want to get a designer pair of shoes (or a designer purse) to put your whole outfit together, you can get them very gently used at places such as Platos’s closet, Poshmark, or The Real Real where they will be a fraction of the price, and authentic. In the pictures I am carrying a simple white satchel purse from Forever 21.

A good outfit can have such a positive impact on my day which is why I love the art of fashion so much. It is so much more than clothing; it is confidence and empowerment. The best part about fashion is that it does not have to be expensive. I encourage you all to try on an outfit you have always fantasized about!

Blair's character would definitely not approve of paying this little for an outfit, but I think even she would agree that these outfits are very much her style. Always remember that anything you wear will look fabulous if you feel fabulous in it. Until next time, xoxo, Franny.

Written by : Franny Lilien

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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