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How to Spice up Your Holiday Outfits

By Ashley Schroer

I think we can all agree that this semester flew by and with only two weeks left, winter break will be here before you know it. While Thanksgiving already passed, the holiday season still isn’t over and that means that you still need to pick out your holiday outfits. Trends are constantly changing for every other season - except for the holiday season. So, here are five ways to help keep your holiday outfits interesting this season!

Switching up Classic Hairstyles

Something as simple as trying a new hairstyle can really help elevate an outfit. This holiday season, try experimenting by adding some subtle changes to classic hairstyles like ponytails or half-up-half-down styles. For the style in the picture, I put my hair into a half-up-half-down style, flipped the half-up part underneath and through the hair tie, and added some curls to make the hairstyle look more elevated.

Make Your Nails Sparkle

While typical holiday nails are super fun (I love nail designs with snowmen, presents, and snowflakes), they can be hard to carry into New Year’s Eve celebrations. One option is to opt for glitter nails in shades like gold, silver, red, green, blue, and white that can easily transition throughout every holiday that you’ll be celebrating over winter break.


Adding some hair accessories to your outfits is always a guaranteed way to make your outfit stand out. One of my favorite hair accessory outfit pairings is a white headband with knitted fabric paired with a white sweater, like in the picture. This year, bows are trending as well and are a super easy way to elevate your outfit. You also don’t need to splurge to participate in this trend. You can go to any craft store or dollar store and pick up a roll of cute ribbon, cut a piece off, and then tie it into your hair or onto your outfit.

Stay Warm by Layering

Layering has always been a go-to way to spice your outfit up in the winter. A fun way to elevate your layering is to layer colorful long sleeves under a t-shirt or a sweater. And while they won’t keep you very warm, layering mesh long sleeves or short sleeves under t-shirts or tank tops are a good way to add a different texture to your outfit. Layering chunky cardigans over tops is another good way to stay warm, and by layering them over tiny tops, you can continue using some of your favorite warm-weather pieces year-round.

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