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Love on Tour: Harry Styles Concert or a Fan Fashion Show?

Harry Styles is adored amongst many. A man known for his musical talents, as shown by his most recent album Fine Line, released in December 2019. He is currently traveling across the United States to perform in multiple arenas in his Love on Tour.

Styles is also well-known for self-expression through his fashion choices. He is not afraid of breaking down the barriers between femininity and masculinity. Introducing elements such as lace, feather boas, and sequins, his style has served as inspiration for fans everywhere.

I recently had the chance to go to the Pittsburgh show and was absolutely amazed at all of the incredible outfits worn by everyone. Full matching suits, boas, banana costumes, and hand-made crocheted sweaters were in full abundance. I was so impressed by everyone’s looks that I wanted to create a whole post showcasing looks from various concerts.

I reached out to several attendees of Love on Tour and asked them which show they went to and the details on where their outfits are from.

Candice S., 17

New York City Night 1 (Oct. 3) and Pittsburgh (Oct. 14)

Outfit: top and bottoms: Shein; shoes: custom Converse; boot: hospital

Gabby Y., 21

Pittsburgh (Oct. 14)

Outfit: top: Target; bottoms: Francesca’s; shoes: Nike

Lily B., 19

Dallas (Sept. 11)

Outfit: Dress: Colorful Natalie; shoes: her mom’s

Chalee D., 21

Nashville Night 2 (Oct. 1)

Outfit: top and bottoms: Shein; shoes: Gabe’s; boa: Michael’s

Kailee, 22

Pittsburgh (Oct. 14)

Outfit: top, bottom, shoes: Shein

Melissa, 23

Chicago Night 1 (Sept. 24)

Outfit: top and bottoms: Amazon; shoes: Jeffrey Campbell; necklace: LMPaccessories, Etsy

Written By: Alyssa Kasunich

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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