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My Favorite Fashion Trends for 2021 So Far

Going into 2021 I began to finally find my style and where I seem to fit in the fashion world, and that is through streetwear. Trust me, I am no fashion icon, but I learned through the softer side of streetwear how to enjoy my comfy hoodies and sweatpants, while learning how to look presentable in public when I wear them! Some of my favorite fashion trends that allow me to do that are:

Claw Hair Clips: Claws Clips have been an essential hair accessory for me on the daily basis! They are a cute way to wear your hair up without doing a basic ponytail or bun, plus they are super affordable! I got a pack of five off of amazon for only about $15!

Thick/Chunky Gold Jewelry: Gold chains, rings, and hoop earrings are the perfect way to elevate a sweat set because it adds that bit of bling to a plain outfit making it look like you tried really hard on outfit while you are able to be comfortable in sweatpants and a hoodie!

Jordan 1s/4s: I know I know; Jordan’s have always been in style ever since they dropped, but Jordan’s have been making an appearance on my social media pages now more than ever! The Jordan 1 Bloodlines and Jordan 4 Metallic Purples are my personal favorite right now. I am a sucker for sneakers with any outfit, and I feel like Jordan’s can be wore anywhere from walking to Starbucks to going out to eat at a fancy restaurant as long as they are styled correctly.

Straight Leg Jeans: I completely cleaned out all of my skinny jeans once I tried on my first pair of straight leg jeans from Pacsun! They are the perfect length and are high waisted enough to make my waist look very slim. I love them because they flatter your legs like mom jeans, but the waistline does not cinch in as much as a mom jean for those girls who do not have huge hips like myself.

Matching Sweat Sets: Matching sweat sets are the perfect way to stay comfortable yet look put together. I have been loving chocolate brown sweat sets against my dark brown hair. White and black sweat sets look super clean and fashionable too! White Fox Boutique has some of my favorites sweat sets at the moment.

Written By: Mia DiBello

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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